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In Honor of Our Patriots

Members in the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution have proven a direct line from someone who gave service to our country in the Revolutionary War. The following is a list of the patriotic ancestors of our chapter members listed alphabetically with the state in which they gave service to their country during the Revolutionary War.


Allred, Elias - Soldier, NC
Armstrong, Edward - Patriotic Service, NC


Barker, John - Private, VA
Bates, James Alexander - Soldier, VA
Bates, William - Patriotic Service, NC
Bean, Robert - Captain, NC
Beebe, Zera - Patriotic Service, CT
Bost, George - Private, NC
Bowman, Daniel - Private, VA
Brank, Peter - Soldier, NC
Brittain, William - Sergeant, NC
Browder, Edmund - Private, NC
Bulkley, Edward - Brig. Gen., CT
Bumpass, John - Private, NC


Collins, Mary - Patriotic Service, VA
Crawford, Lazarus - Patriotic Service, NC
Creson, Abraham - Civil Servant, NC


Dedman, Samuel - Lt. Col., VA
Dix, James - Patriotic Service, VA
Dowling, John - Private, SC
Duck, Jacob - Soldier, PA


Earle, John - Colonel, SC


Faison, Kilby - Private, NC
Fellows, William - Captain, NC
Flenniken, James - Soldier, PA
Fowler, Sherwood - Sergeant, VA
Freeman, John Sr. - Patriotic Service, NC


Gibson, Jacob - Private, VA
Graves, Randall - Soldier, MA


Hamilton, Ninian Beall - Patriotic Service, NC
Hart, John - Pariotic Service, NJ
Signed Declaration of Independence
Hodges, Jesse - Volunteer Soldier, VA
Holland, Abraham - Patriotic Service, MD
Holley, Joseph - Private, CT


Johnson, Amos - Captain, CT
Johnston, Jacob Jr. - Patriotic Service, NC


Keyser, Jacob - Sergeant, MD


Lamb, Joseph - Patriotic Service, SC


Marshall, Francis - Private, VA
Mason, Samuel - Captain, VA
McConnell, Phillip - Private, NC
McKinney, Daniel - Private, VA
Morel, John II - Captain, GA


Penno, Peter - Sailor, RI
Pierce/Pearce, William - Private, VA
Prince, Henry Berry Sr. - Private, SC
Prince, John - Patriotic Service, SC


Reynolds, Bernard Sr. - Private, VA
Rodney, Thomas - Colonel, DE
Ross, John - Private, VA


Sampley, Jesse - Private, SC
Seale, Charles - Soldier, NC
Silvestor, Job - Private, MA
Steelman, Matthias - Patriotic Service, NC
Stephenson, William - Soldier, SC
Sterling, James - Private, CT


Thompson, Roger - Private, VA
Tinker, John - Private, CT


Waddle, John - Soldier, NC
Waller, Joseph - Patriotic Service, NC
Walsh, Thomas - Private, VA
Wideck, Henry - Soldier, VA
Williams, Charles - Captain, VA
Williams, Permenas - Patriotic Service, NC
Williams, Roger Mackerness - Sergeant, VA
Womack, Jacob - Patriotic Service, NC


Young, Robert - Soldier, NC

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